ECW DVD Holiday Hell 1995 Sabu Cactus Jack Raven Gangstas

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ECW DVD Holiday Hell 1995 Featuring 

1. Missy Hyatt kisses Steve Richards
2. Taz vs. Koji Nakagawa
3. JT Smith vs. Hack Myers
4. Too Cold Scorpio vs. Mikey Whipwreck (tv and tag title change, Cactus Jack helds Mikey)
5. Eliminators vs. Pitbulls
6. Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven (No Countout or DQ, winner faces Sandman, bloody brawl)
7. Bruiser Mastino vs. El Puerto Ricano (911 and Taz come in and brawl)
8. Sandman vs. Raven (Great brawl)
9. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas (Gangstas surprise return to ECW, bloody wild brawl)
10. Sabu vs. Cactus (This was the best match that these two ever had together, brutal)