Barry Windham Shoot Interview NWA WCW WWE

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 traveled to Dusty Rhodes school in Marietta, Georgia to talk with the man who has been through it all from the first Wrestlemania to the Four Horsemen to Japan to the WWF as Bradshaws partner. Here is a look at what Windham talked about:

-Being a second-generation wrestler.
-Start of career with a lot of talk about Florida.
-Near fatal car accident.
-How his dad took him to Mid-Atlantic.
-Talks about Mid-Atlantic and Dusty Rhodes.
-Did his thin build hurt him?
-How he got his WWF job.
-Lots about his tag team with Mike Rotundo.
-All about winning the WWF belts.
-Their feud against Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine.
-Windham reveals how Rotundo broke down during their run in WWF.
-Why did Barry leave WWF? How did he take it?
-Going to Florida.
-His classic feud against Ric Flair.
-Feud against Kevin Sullivan.
-What was it like to work with a young Lex Luger and Great Muta?
-Wrestling with his father and brother.
-His relationship with Magnum T.A. and how he took Magnums career ending car wreck.
-Hear about when he moved on to NWA.
-All the details on his second feud against Flair.
-What it was like to work with the Four Horsemen?
-Get the scoop on when he turned on Luger and joined the Horsemen.
-He talks about being a heel and feuding with Dusty.
-He answers why he left the NWA.
-Going to WWF as the Widowmaker.
-Why did he leave WWF and go to WCW?
-Talks about his injuries.
-Going to WWF as the Blackjacks with Bradshaw.
-You wont believe the story about when he was shot and how he got the bullet out of his body!!!
-Current status in TCW and All Japan.