XPW DVD “Baptized In Blood 3”

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XPW DVD “Baptized In Blood 3”

It was a night that would change XPW forever as Webb prepared to defend his XPW World Title against a mystery opponent selected by The Enterprise's Veronica Caine. No one could have guessed that her choice would be "The Franchise" Shane Douglas or what the ramifications would be.

Webb vs. Shane Douglas
XPW World Title Match

40-Foot Scaffold Exploding Ring Match
Angel vs. Supreme
XPW King of the Deathmatch Title on the line

Kaos vs. Chris Hamrick vs. Psicosis
XPW TV-Title Ladder Match

Shady/AWC vs. The New Panthers vs. Pogo/Juantastico vs. Mexico's Most Wanted
XPW Tag-Team Championship Match

DVD w/ Bonus Footage