ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting Series with Ron Killings 8.10.04 DVD

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ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting Series with Ron Killings 8.10.04 DVD


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Straight Shootin' With Ron Killings only deals with "The Truth" as Killings dishes out the details of his career. Killings talks openly about it all including all the inside happenings of NWA TNA. This is the first shoot style interview to really go into detail on TNA.

Killings covers it all from his rap career and start on the independent scene to becoming the first african-american NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Killings goes into full detail of his WWE career including his shocking treatment from WWE management.

Killings takes you from his WWE developmental days to his release from WWE and gives his true feelings on everyone from Jim Ross to Vince McMahon. What was the party scene like in WWE? What does he feel WWE owes him? What WWE stars helped him?

Killings isn't afraid to talk about all the happenings of his NWA TNA career including his matches vs. AJ Styles, being part of 3 Live Crew, working with Vince Russo and his feelings on if Jeff Jarrett pushes himself too much.

Topics Include:

-His background in music.

-Why he got into wrestling.

-How he broke in.

-What training was like.

-Early indies he worked for including NWA Wildside.

-His early matches vs. AJ Styles.

-Working for Bill Behrens.

-Getting signed by WWE.

-Going to the Memphis WWE developmental territory.

-What the training was like there.

-Working against Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Tracey Smothers.

-What life was like in the Memphis territory.

-The shocking racial comments WWE management made to him.

-How Road Dogg reacted to these comments.

-How WWE management responded to this situation.

-Working dark matches in WWE.

-Being in developmental with guys like Bryan Danielson and Spanky.

-Tagging with Road Dogg.

-Being a part of Survivor Series 2000.

-Working at Armageddon 2000.

-Killings talks about what all the top WWE stars were like inside and outside the ring!!!

-Who came up with the Get Rowdy song.

-What he feels WWE owes him.

-The political scene in the WWE locker room.

-How the WWE locker room treated him.

-His reaction when WWE released Road Dogg.

-Why he disappeared from WWE TV.

-What the writers would tell him.

-The party scene in WWE.

-What the McMahons were like.

-Killings talks about Jim Ross.

-His reaction when WWE bought WCW.

-His thoughts on ECW.

-Going to TNA.

-What promises TNA made him.

-What the Jarretts were like.

-His first impressions of TNA.

-Feuding with race car driver Herme Sadler.

-Changing his name in TNA.

-What he thinks of "The Truth" gimmick.

-Working AJ Styles again in TNA.

-Using racial comments in promos.

-Winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

-Killings talks about what all the top stars in TNA are like inside and outside the ring including Ken Shamrock, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Raven and many more.

-Working with Curt Hennig and Scott Hall.

-What he thinks of Vince Russo's booking.

-Does he think Jeff Jarrett pushes himself too much.

-What he thought of the 3 Live Kru gimmick with Road Dogg and Konnan.

-Working Xplosion instead of the PPV.

-Winning the NWA title again.

-What he thought of only having it for two weeks.

-Comparisons between the music and wrestling business.

-P Diddy's interest in him.

-Plus lots more including his thoughts on all the top names in WWE and TNA!!!on!