ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting Mr Fuji 2004 DVD

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ROH Presents Straight Shooting Series with Mr Fuji 2004 DVD


Disk is in excellent condition

Straight Shootin' With Mr. Fuji will be one of the most outrageous shoot interviews you'll ever witness. Mr. Fuji has worked with all the greats in legendary promotions and he talks all about it right here including his infamous prank stories.

In fact, it is these prank and other crazy stories that make this one of the most entertaining shoots ever. You won't believe some of the stunts Fuji used to pull and the lengths he would go to play jokes on some of the most famous wrestlers ever. Mr. Fuji tells a lot of never told before anywhere antidotes that you will never forget.

All of the greats are talked about here including Pat Patterson, Superstar Billy Graham, Dusty Rhodes, Andre The Giant, Masa Saito, Toru Tanaka, Jesse Ventura, Ricky Steamboat, Don Muraco, the McMahons and many, many more. This is a must for any wrestling historian.

Fuji covers his entire career from his early days in Portland to his time in the WWWF to the first Wrestlemania all the way through managing Yokozuna. Mr. Fuji was involved in some of the biggest shows and most memorable feuds and he talks about it all here.

The real reason to buy this shoot is for Fuji's stories. Who did he rib the most? What does he say about putting drugs in other wrestler's drinks? What was his involvement with steroids? What are his favorite pranks?

Mr. Fuji tells all in this unforgettable edition of the Straight Shootin' Series!!!

Topics Include:

-Getting started in the business


-Working in Portland

-Thoughts on Don Owen

-Teaming with Haru Sasaki & Tony Bounrne

-Favorite guys to work in Portland

-Winning the IWA Tag Titles from Mark Lewin & King Curtis Iaukea

-Going to WWWF in 1972?

-Memories of Vince Sr.

-Being paired with Prof. Toru Tanaka

-Memories of the Grand Wizard as a manager

-Winning the tag titles so quickly

-Wrestling Pedro Morales for the WWF Title

-Facing Bruno Sammartino & Morales in at the main event at MSG

-Talks about Bruno

-Wrestling Pat Patterson in San Francisco

-Wrestling Andre the Giant

-Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes

-Vince Jr. getting more involved in the business

-What Bob Backlund was like

-Memories of Superstar Billy Graham

-Teaming with Mr. Saito

-Similarities & differences between Saito & Tanaka

-Lou Albano as a manager

-Beating Rick Martel & Tony Garea for the tag titles

-Feuding against The Strongbows

-Memories of Backlund's title run

-What the drug scene was like at the time

-Talks about Jesse Ventura

-Memories of when Hogan came in

-Going from wrestler to manager

-Managing George Steele

-Teaming with Steele against Hogan & Gene Okerlund

-Managing Don Muraco

-Working against Ricky Steamboat

-Memories of hearing about the first Wrestlemania

-Talks about the business changing with cartoons and the different gimmicks

-Managing The Moondogs

-Memories of The Junkyard Dog

-Managing Kamala

-Talks about how Hogan changed throughout the years

-Talks about managing teams such as Demolition, Powers of Pain, Orient Express

-Thoughts on when they replaced Akio Saito with Paul Diamond under a mask in the Orient Express

-Memories of managing John Nord (The Bezerker)

-Memories of when Yokozuna first came in

-The angle at Wrestlemania 9 where Yokozuna beat Bret Hart for the WWF Title and then dropped it immediately to Hogan

-Talks about the locker room during the steroid scandal

-The idea of adding Jim Cornette as a co-manager of Yokozuna

-Talks about Lex Luger not getting over in WWE

-Memories of Owen Hart

-Why he left WWF

-Stories about putting drugs in other wrestlers drinks

-Crazy ring rat stories

-Bizarre story about wrestling in Kuwait

-Lots of drug stories

-Shooting up guys with steroids

-Talks about the locker room being ruined in the 90's

-Tons of rib/prank stories including he who used to prank the most, did anybody get him back, tells stories of some of the best pranks he pulled, & along with many more stories

-What he misses the most about the business

-How the business has changed

-Plus much more