ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting Marc Mero 10.22.04 DVD

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ROH Presents Straight Shooting Series with Marc Mero 10.22.04 DVD


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Straight Shootin' With Marc Mero sees this flamboyant athlete discuss his entire career from his training all the way up until present day. This is a unique shoot interview as Mero achieved immediate success as Johnny B. Badd and was in the middle of all the controversies involving his famous wife Rena Mero (Sable).

You'll find out about Dusty Rhodes' role in the development of the character and who tried to beat Mero up and who had words of encouragement for him. Mero talks about how the Johnny B. Badd character got him accepted into the African-American community and his meeting with Michael Jackson. Mero wrestled and learned from some of the most famous names and you'll get the inside scoop on matches against the likes of Brian Pillman, Scotty Flamingo, Bobby Eaton, Ricky Morton, DDP, Sting and many more. Mero covers his entire WCW career and even talks about working for Bill Watts and Eric Bischoff.

You'll find out what led Mero to World Wrestling Entertainment and WWE's huge plans for him that never happened. Mero talks about life on the road in WWE and his "Wildman" character. Find out about what it was like to work with all the biggest names in WWE and for the McMahon family. From Brawl For All to the big PPVs, Mero talks about his entire WWE career here.

This interview also focuses on Mero's wife from how they met to why she was in WWE to Vince McMahon's first impression of her to why he left WWE because of her to the end of their relationship. Mero talks about her feud with Tammy Sytch and how she was treated by the locker room and much more that has never been discussed anywhere before.

Mero talks about his career in an entertaining and informative way. If you want to know about life in WCW and WWE from a unique perspective this edition of the Straight Shootin' Series is for you!!!

Topics Include:

-Being a fan growing up.

-Why he got into wrestling.

-His training.

-Getting into WCW.

-Dusty Rhodes rule in the Johnny B. Badd gimmick.

-His thoughts on the character.

-His father's reaction to seeing it.

-Who had words of encouragement for him.

-Who tested him.

-Wrestling and learning from Ricky Morton, Bobby Eaton, Brian Pillman and others.

-Working Sting.

-Bill Watts as booker.

-Watts rules.

-Boxing matches vs. Scotty Flamingo (Raven).

-Teaming with Cactus Jack.

-The Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious scissors fight.

-The drug and party scene in WCW.

-Winning the WCW TV title.

-Wrestling Steve Austin.

-Working for Eric Bischoff.

-His series vs. DDP.

-Having Kimberly as his valet.

-Leaving WCW.

-Going to WWE.

-Meeting Rena Mero.

-How he got his wife a job in WWE.

-What WWE's plans were for him that never happened.

-The "Wildman" character.

-Why things didn't work out.

-Winning a tournament for the Intercontinental title.

-The Monday Night Wars.

-The fake Razor Ramon and Diesel.

-When Rena started training.

-How the locker room treated his wife.

-Rena's feud with Tammy Sytch.

-Working HHH.

-If anything with Rena ever went too far.

-Changing from "Wildman" to "Marvelous."

-Working at Wrestlemania.

-If things ever got too raunchy with his wife.

-His thoughts on her posing in Playboy.

-Brawl For All.

-Thoughts on Vince Russo.

-When he and his wife quit WWE.

-Why he walked out with her and left a lot of guaranteed money behind.

-His wife's return to WWE and how it surprised him.

-The end of his marriage.

-Going to work in NWA TNA.

-Why he doesn't do a lot of indies.

-All this and much, much more!!!