ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting Kamala 08.14.04 DVD

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ROH Presents Straight Shooting Series with Kamala 08.14.04 DVD


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Kamala is one of the most famous personalities in modern day wrestling. However, he has always kept the Kamala persona guarded and we've never known the man behind the gimmick- until now. Straight Shootin' With Kamala sees this enigma reveal himself and discuss a number of subjects in an open and entertaining manner.

He covers his entire career from his start up until now including his time in famous territories like UWF and World Class all the way through his runs in WWF. He even talks about his recent returns to WWE.

Kamala holds nothing back when talking about his pay and why he wasn't paid more. He opens up about racism in the wrestling business by detailing his own experiences. Of course, Kamala talks about all his most famous angles and matches from working the Junkyard Dog in front of rabid Mid-South crowds to Undertaker in the first ever casket match.

Why did he carry a gun to the ring for his matches vs. Andre The Giant? How far did he go to make people believe his gimmick? What does he think of the McMahons? Why did he come and go from WWF so much? Why were his stays so short in NWA and AWA?

You'll be surprised and shocked about some of the things Kamala discusses including his true feelings about Abdullah The Butcher and much, much more!!! Kamala has finally spoken and you won't believe what he has to say!!! This heartfelt interview is something you'll never forget.

Here are just some of the topics Kamala talks about:

-His start in the business.

-Who he learned from.

-The Sugar Bear Harris gimmick he first used.

-Wrestling in Europe.

-Going to work in Memphis.

-Becoming Kamala.

-Who came up with the ideas of the Kamala gimmick.

-His introduction when he came out of the jungle.

-Working for Jerry Jarrett.

-Working Jerry Lawler.

-Why he hated Stan Frazier as Kamala II.

-Going to Mid-South.

-How Bill Watts treated him.

-Working with the Junkyard Dog.

-His feelings about Dog and Watts.

-Working with Andre The Giant.

-Why he carried a gun or knife to the ring in his matches vs. Andre.

-How he liked Skandar Akbar as his manager.

-Kamala discusses racism in wrestling in great detail.

-Some of the greats in Mid-South like Steve Williams, Ted Dibiase, Missing Link and many more.

-Working at the Superdome.

-You won't believe how far Kamala went to keep his gimmick real outside the ring.

-Wrestling Bruiser Brody.

-Brody's murder.

-Wrestling Puerto Rico.

-Why he left Mid-South.

-Going to World Class.

-Working for Fritz Von Erich.

-Wrestling all the Von Erichs.

-Leaving World Class.

-Going to AWA and NWA for short periods of time.

-Why his stays in AWA and NWA were so short.

-His feeling on Dusty Rhodes.

-How his match vs. Magnum TA was edited.

-Kamala talks about who he wouldn't do jobs to.

-Going to WWF.

-His feelings about Vince McMahon.

-The time he ate a live chicken on TV.

-Working Andre The Giant in WWF.

-His feud against Hulk Hogan.

-What Hogan told him about getting paid.

-What Hogan was like outside the ring.

-Vince McMahon's answers when Kamala asked to be paid more.

-The road schedule in WWF.

-Lots more news and detail about WWF.

-Going back to Memphis for USWA.

-Why McMahon brought him back in 1992.

-His potential lawsuit against WWF.

-His program vs. Ultimate Warrior.

-Working with Undertaker.

-Being in the first casket match.

-The story of how he found out he was paid so much less than Undertaker at Summerslam.

-Turning babyface in WWF.

-Why he didn't like it.

-The skits were Slick tried to make him more civilized.

-Working top WWF names like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and lots more.

-Thoughts on his various managers.

-Going to Japan and why he didn't like it.

-Why he hates Abdullah The Butcher.

-Going to WCW as a member of the Faces Of Fear.

-His pay in WCW.

-Why he didn't stay longer.

-Being in the gimmick battle royal at Wrestlemania 17.

-Being part of the Diva Search on Raw.

-How the current WWE locker room reacted to him.

-Some great road and rib stories.

-Kamala goes into great detail on what he was paid in every promotion and his feelings about it.