ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shootin' Tom Prichard DVD

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ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shootin' Tom Prichard DVD

Disc in excellent condition

Tom Prichard is one of the most interesting shoot interviews ever for the variety of topics.

This interview was conducted shortly after Prichard was released from his office job in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Prichard makes this the first and only shoot to go inside the WWE offices in recent times. You'll hear the inside scoop on WWE developmental system, writers meetings, being an agent and working with all the top stars from Steve Austin to The Rock.

Prichard discusses politics and the new regime taking over WWE. The WWE office doors have never been opened- until now!!! Prichard discusses his entire career from his start as a teenager working in legendary promoter Paul Boesch's office all the way through his time in WWF as a tag team champion.

Prichard holds nothing back in telling road stories and all the inside stories of wrestling some of the biggest names in the business. You'll hear about life in famous territories like Mid-South, Portland and Continental all the way through his stay in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as half of the Heavenly Bodies.

Prichard gives his true feelings on his tenure in WWF as half of the Bodydonnas. Why wasn't he in ECW longer? What was it like working underneath Jim Ross? Why was wrestling on the Wrestlemania card disappointing? Why did he lose his office job? How much partying went on in the old territories?

Prichard is an open book in answering all these questions and many more!!! Topics Include: His start in the wrestling business. Why he wanted to be in the business.

Getting an office job as a teenager for Paul Boesch.

Who helped him the most.

Working the Sam Houston Coliseum.

Wrestling Gino Hernandez and Tully Blanchard.

Teaming with Chris Adams.

Going to the Portland territory.

What he learned in Portland. Moving to Mid-South.

Working for Bill Watts.

Why he didn't stay longer.

Road and prank stories from the territories.

Going to Continental.

Eddie Gilbert.

What happened in the car with Missy Hyatt.

Some of his favorite matches and angles in Continental.

Continental going out of business.

Going to USWA.

Being on ESPN.

If he thought USWA could have been bigger with TV exposure on ESPN.

What he enjoyed and didn't enjoy in USWA.

Going to Smoky Mountain Wrestling. Working for Jim Cornette.

Why he liked the idea of SMW.

Teaming with Stan Lane as the Heavenly Bodies. Lane leaving.

Teaming with Jimmy Del Ray as the Heavenly Bodies.

Why he liked teaming with Lane better.

His problems with Del Ray.

Teaming with Lane vs. teaming with Del Ray.

Loser leave town match with Rock 'n' Roll Express.

Crashing the WCW Saturday Night program. Working on a WCW pay-per-view.

Wrestling The Fantastics.

Leaving SMW for WWF.

Cornette's reaction to losing the team.

Why the Bodies weren't pushed more in WWE.

Why their Survivor Series match was a disaster Returning to SMW.

Wrestling Chris Jericho & Lance Storm in SMW.

The night Jericho lost a lot of blood. Working the Gangstas of New Jack, Mustafa & D-Lo Brown.

SMW going out of business.

The mood in the locker room when things were going downhill.

The final SMW show.

When they found out it would be the final show.

Could Cornette have saved SMW? Going to ECW.

Why things didn't work out in ECW.

Working for Paul Heyman.

His thoughts on ECW's hardcore style.

Going back to WWF.

Shaving his head and being a Bodydonna with Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch.

Winning the tag titles at Wrestlemania.

Why it was a disappointment.

His thoughts on the Bodydonna gimmick.

Why he left wrestling.

Getting the WWE office job.

The various jobs he held in the office.

Being an agent.

The role of the agent and why he was uncomfortable with it.

Working underneath Jim Ross.

Working for the McMahons.

Johnny Ace (Laurinaitis) taking over for Ross.

His relationship with Ace.

Why he lost his job.

His thoughts on Tommy Dreamer taking his job.

Why Ace wanted him out.

What he disagreed on.

His thoughts on the developmental system.

What he would change in the developmental system.

The future of the developmental system.

What he thinks of OVW.

Politics in the WWE office.

What WWE looks for in wrestlers.

Prichard gives advice to independent wrestlers on how to get in WWE.

His hopes on going back to WWE.

These are only a few of the things that Prichard discusses and reveals in this interview!!!