ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting 2 Cold Scorpio 2004 DVD

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ROH Presents Straight Shooting Series with 2 Cold Scorpio 7.30.04 DVD


Disk is in excellent condition

Ring Of Honor sat down with one of the premier and most influential high-flyers in the business- Too Cold Scorpio. This is the first edition of The Straight Shootin' Series and the same quality you've come to expect from ROH shows will be seen in this interview with high production values.

Scorpio talks about his entire career from his start in the business training at the New Japan Dojo all the way through competing on NOAH's first Tokyo Dome show. He holds nothing back in talking about who he likes and hates. Scorpio even challenges some people to fights!!! Scorpio puts it all out there from why he was fired from certain promotions, to his drug use to life on the road and inside the locker rooms. This interview is entertaining, funny and most importantly informative. Here are some of the things Scorpio talks about:

-Start in the business.

-New Japan Dojo.

-Working in Mexico.

-The role Vader played in his career.

-How he got into WCW.

-WCW debut at Clash Of Champions.

-Wrestling in New Japan.

-What the WCW locker room was like.

-Politics in the WCW locker room.

-The drug scene in WCW.

-Working big WCW shows like Starcade and Clash Of Champions.

-His famous match vs. Chris Benoit at Superbrawl III.

-Teaming with Marcus Bagwell and why he didn't like it.

-His infamous backstage fight with Road Warrior Hawk.

-Being the one to break up the Sid/Arn Anderson scissors fight at the hotel in Germany.

-What move wouldn't Scorpio take from the Nasty Boys.

-Why he hated Ric Flair and thinks Flair got him fired from WCW.

-Going to ECW.

-Working Sabu.

-His thoughts on Paul Heyman.

-The night Sabu broke his neck and he had an impromptu match vs. Benoit.

-Working the AAA "When World's Collide" PPV.

-Working Shane Douglas.

-Scorpio talks about his most famous opponents over the years in Benoit, Eddy Guerrero and Dean Malenko.

-Working Public Enemy and the hardcore style.

-The drug scene in ECW.

-Scorpio takes you inside the ECW locker room.

-Working Cactus Jack.

-His final night in ECW.

-Going to WWF as Flash Funk.

-His drug addiction in WWF.

-His big matches in WWF.

-Politics in the WWF locker room.

-Competing in Brawl For All.

-Why he wasn't pushed more in WWF.

-His feelings on going to WWE now.

-Going back to ECW.

-How ECW changed.

-Going to All Japan.

-When All Japan split from NOAH.

-His thoughts on Mrs. Baba.

-Working all the top names in NOAH/All Japan.

-The first NOAH Tokyo Dome show.

-Winning the GHC Tag Titles with Vader.

-This is only a few things Scorpio talks about as he goes into detail on many things over the course of his career!!!