ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting Lance Storm 12.4.05 DVD

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ROH Presents Straight Shooting Series Lance Storm 12.4.05 DVD


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Straight Shootin' With Lance Storm is one of the most informative and detailed shoot interviews ever. Storm wrestled everywhere from ECW to WCW to WWE and he is an open book in talking about it all.

You'll hear about how Chris Jericho kept him from quitting during training to going to Japan to working for Jim Cornette all the way until his time in ECW. Storm really goes into detail on his ECW days including his run with Justin Credible as The Impact Players to all the details on why he left ECW including secret meetings at the WCW offices. Storm was part of the creative team in ECW and he discusses booking shows with Tommy Dreamer and Raven including why Dreamer didn't like working with him and Raven.

Storm talks a lot about WCW including the locker room scene and politics. The shoot really goes into detail on everything that happened inside and outside the ring. From holding all the titles at the same time to working with Jim Duggan to Johnny Ace pushing him to Vince Russo's writing to Team Canada, Storm holds nothing back in talking about it all. Storm even talks about the night that WWE bought WCW and being the last one out of the WCW locker room.

Storm then gives you all the inside scoops on his time in WWE from being the first WCW wrestler to invade Raw to winning the IC Title to the Invasion angle to the Unamericans gimmick to working with Hulk Hogan. Storm even talks about the ridiculous gimmicks WWE gave him from having to dance to being boring to the idea behind his team with Val Venis. Storm has some very interesting things to say about the writers and how the system in WWE works.

After leaving his in ring career, Storm headed to Ohio Valley Wrestling as a trainer. You'll learn all about WWE's developmental system in OVW including when Storm disagreed with Jim Cornette and the WWE office. You'll even hear about a main event talent that Storm didn't think deserved a shot in WWE.

The interview closes out with Storm talking about ECW's "One Night Stand" and the final match of his career against Chris Jericho, what happened with JBL at Wrestlemania weekend and his future including opening a school in Calgary. Storm talks about all this and much, much more!!!

Straight Shootin' With Lance Storm really takes you inside ECW, WCW and WWE with detailed accounts of a man who has won titles in every promotion!