ROH Ring Of Honor Straight Shooting Christopher Daniels 2004 DVD

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ROH Presents Straight Shooting Series Christopher Daniels 2004 DVD


Disk is in excellent condition - has a few marks

Straight Shootin' With Christopher Daniels sees one of the top independent stars going today talk about his last few and most successful years in the wrestling business. "The Fallen Angel" is always an entertaining and articulate interview and this one delivers as Daniels covers a number of subjects.

Daniels talks about his entire ROH career from the start of the company and his famous match on the first show all the way through his final bout. Daniels holds nothing back in going behind the scenes in ROH. What did he think could have been booked better? Will he ever return to ROH? What would have happened in his CM Punk feud? This interview goes into great detail on Daniels' reign with The Prophecy in ROH.

Daniels divulges all the info on his stay in NWA TNA from being a part of XXX to the famous cage match vs. AMW to why he signed a contract with TNA. Daniels covers it all right here.

You'll also learn about life as Curry Man as Daniels takes you to Japan for stories on working all the top juniors in New Japan. You'll hear about his IWGP Jr. Tag Title run, leaving Michinoku Pro for New Japan and lots more.

Daniels also covers some of his early career including his days in WCW. He also discusses working the independent scene including his victory in the 2004 Super 8. These are only a few of the things Daniels covers in this extensive interview. If you are a fan of Christopher Daniels this is a must for your collection!!!

Topics Include:

Getting started

The Fallen Angel name and gimmick

Summarizes his first couple of years in the business

Going to Japan and where the Curryman gimmick came from

What specific events lef to Daniels getting more noticed by promoters across the United States

Working for WCW


Getting into Ring of Honor

Three way match against Low Ki & American Dragon at the first ROH show

Thoughts on the ROH concept

Reaction to wrestling in the main event on the first ROH show

The angle where he wouldn't shake hands

Talks about who came up with the name for The Prophecy and the idea behind the gimmick

Thoughts on the idea of going one hour in the four way match at Crowning A Champion

Thoughts on how the match turned out and working in such extreme heat

Teaming with Donovan Morgan and winning the ROH Tag Titles

Wrestling Doug Williams at Glory By Honor and his opinion on the stipulation for the match

Talks about the problems that occured with the finish in the match where Daniels & Xavier lost the tag titles to AJ Styles & The Amazing Red

Round Robin Challenge II matches against Red & Paul London

Why he decided to get color for the first time in ROH teaming with Raven against Punk & Cabana at Wrestlerave

Working with Jim Cornette

Title match against Samoa Joe at Glory By Honor II

Working Muta & Arashi at the Final Battle 2003 show and why he almost didn't make it to the building in time

The six man tag at Battle Lines Are Drawn that started the angle with The Second City Saints

Taking the Pepsi Plunge thru a table

What direction was the Saints vs. Prophecy feud headed in

TNA's decision to pull him off ROH shows

Winning the ECWA Super 8 in 2004 and becoming the first two time winner of the tournament

Leaving Michinoku Pro for New Japan

Winning the IWGP Jr. Tag Titles with Bryan Danielson against Jado & Gedo

Dropping the tag titles because of an injury

Thoughts on MLW and Court Bauer

Talks about the booking in MLW and his feud with Sabu

Thoughts on Bauer trying to startup H2 Wrestling

Getting into TNA

Initial thoughts of their business plan to run weekly pay per views

TNA booking

Working with Vince Russo

Thoughts on the Triple X group

Working with the ex-ECW guys like New Jack, Sandman, & Perry Saturn

The Triple X vs. AMW cage match

The Ultimate X concept

The World Cup Series

Deciding factor in signing the TNA contract

Possibility of going to WWE

TNA's unwritten rule concerning his current indy bookings

Plus much more!!!