RF Video Scott Steiner Shoot Interview DVD

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RF Video Scott Steiner Shoot Interview DVD

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Line up the freaks…

Get out the straight jacket…

And be afraid. Very afraid.

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER…Scott Steiner's first legit shoot, delivered as only RF VIDEO can! Love him or hate him, one thing you can never say about Big Poppa Pump is that he's not outspoken. Now, former WCW world heavyweight champion Scott Steiner, well known for controversial promos during Nitro's heyday, continued his tradition of "telling it like it is" on this new release. Have you ever felt fear while administrating a shoot interview? Well we now have!

A “superstar” in WCW, WWE, ECW, and even New Japan during the 1990s and 2000. Steiner been everywhere and has held every championship title in tag-team wrestling (multiple time WCW, WWE, IWGP winner) with his brother the dog faced gremlin Rick Steiner. The former all american has dealt with a lot of the politics in the wrestling business, including butting heads with the management of WCW while going into business for himself in two infamous shoot promos on Ric Flair and DDP Not too mention Scott's WWE run and matches with Triple H and his partnership and feud with Test. Now, for the first time, we sat big poppa pump down and got the low down on his entire glorious career. Who knew that the Pretty College boy from Michigan with the awesome mullet and slow brother would later become this generation's version of Superstar Billy Graham? Who could guess that the innovator of the Frankensteiner would become such a jacked up powerhouse? The whole career of scott Steiner is gone over here, in depth, with the man with the largest arms in the world.

While WCW was crumbling like Rome, Scott Steiner was their World champion… their very own FREAKZILLA! As all his hocohes say, theres nothing finer then Scott Steiner, but in this case, theres nothing finer then to hear Steiner shoot all over WCW, WWE and all the men who have influced and held him back in professional wrestling . During his career, hes spent time and had main event programs in both the WWE and WCW. From working stiff, his injuries, his thoughts on the business today, ribs, roadstories, TNA, Sting, Steiner lets it all hang out here. From the amachairs, to Missy Hyatts dog, to Antonio Inoki, Hulk Hogan, and Vince McMahon. Steiner shoots on them all. Forget about his lead pipe, Steiner's words are just as lethal!

This one goes out to all the Big Bad Booty Daddys freaks out there. RF Video is your hookup; holler if you hear me!

Talk about your amateur background

When did you decide to make the transition to pro wrestling

Did you ever wrestle Kurt Angle or with any of the more known MMAs

How close were you and Rick when you broke into the business

Who trained you

What do you remember about your first match against Don Kent

How did you get into Memphis

First impressions of the territory

How helpful was Lawler and what was he like

Memories of Robert Fuller

Memories of Mick Foley from the time period

Memories of Jeff Jarrett from back then

What were the payoffs like

Who did you live with

Memories of teaming with Billy Travis

What was the rat/groupie scene like

Who taught you the most at this time

Memories of Sid Vicious from this time period

Memories of Undertaker from this time

How did you wind up leaving for WCW

How were you treated initially by the locker room

Initial thoughts on Jim Herd

Memories of your series with the Varsity Club

Memories of Terry Funk

Did you hold it against Flair when you came in that he refused to put your brother over

Initial memories of Sting

Memories of your series with the Freebirds

Memories of your series with Midnight Express

Thoughts on Cornette

Memories of your series with the Skyscrapers

Memories of your series with the Samoans

Can you talk about your match at Havoc with the Nastys and why it is still remembered as a classic

Memories of your series with Doom

Is it true that you gave your brother a black eye for an angle

Thoughts on Paul E

Memories of your series with the Andersons

Thoughts on Lex Luger

Memories of your match with the Road Warriors at Starrcade 89

How did you come up with the Frankensteiner

Are you surprised at how common the move is now

Did anyone ever refuse to work with you and your brother because you guys worked stiff

How did things change when Bill Watts came in

What happened between you and Bill Watts

Were you surprised he was fired so quick

Whos idea was it to push you as a singles wrestler and how did your brother react

Memories of your series with Ric Flair

Why did you and your brother give DDP such a hard time

How did you wind up with Missy Hyatt as your manager and thoughts

What is the story with you guys stealing her dog

Memories of your series with Gordy and Williams

Did you enjoy working more stiff with them

Memories of working with Vader

During this time in WCW, the early 90s did Vince ever try and make a play for you guys

Memories of your first trips to New Japan

Thoughts on Inoki

Memories of matches with Vader and Bigelow

Memories of matches with Scott Norton in NJPW

Memories of your match with Sting and Muta

Memories of working with Steamboat for the TV Title

How did you guys wind up in the WWF

Initial thoughts on Vince

Compare the WWF and WCW locker rooms

Were you two told to tone down your styles

Memories of your series with the Beverlys

Memories of your series with the Nastys in the WWF

Memories of your series with Money Inc

Memories of your match with the Harts

Memories of Ultimate Warrior

Memories of Shawn Michaels during this time period in and out of the ring

Memories of Hogan in and out of the ring

Were there ever any plans from either WWF or WCW to feud you and your brother in the early days

What lead to you guys leaving the WWF

At this point where did you and your brother see your careers? did either of you plan on retiring or winding down

How did you wind up in ECW

Did you ever look at ECW as a step down coming from working Tokyo Domes, Wrestlemanias, and Starrcades

Memories of your matches with Benoit and Malenko

Memories of your matches with Raven and Richards

Memories of your matches with the Eliminators

How did you and your brother wind up back in WCW

Did you both leave ECW on good terms

What did you think of the Nitro concept

Initial thoughts on Bischoff

Memories of your series on Nitro with the Road Warriors and Sting and Luger

How different was this WCW as compared to the last WCW

How did things change when WCW won the ratings war and the NWO were strong on top

How influential good or bad do you think Hall and Nash was to your push

Memories of the match with Slater and Murdoch in which you tore your tendon

How did the whole Papa Pump gimmick come about and your initial thoughts

Is the gimmick based on Billy Graham

When do you think the politics got out of control in WCW

Want happened with your arrest, what was the story

Memories of working against your brother

What do you think went wrong with WCW that propelled WWE to beat them

Do you think that management were intimidated by you

Do you think Hogan aligned himself with you for protection

What lead you to cut the infamous promo on Nitro on Ric Flair

What did he say to you in the back afterwards

Did you receive any disciplinary actions

Do you regret it

Were there any attempts to turn that into an angle

Why were you suspended for unprofessional behavior prior to the June 27, 2000 "Thunder" taping in Lincoln, NE.

When did you become frustrated with WCW and why

When your contract came due did you have talks with WWE

Do you think it was fair or unfair to fire Scott Hall back then

What were your thoughts when the Radicals all jumped to Titan

What were your early impressions of Vince Russo

How well did you know him in the WWF

Did you think he was in over his head

What were your impressions of the locker room

How was the locker divided politically

Did you think that Russo put himself on tv too much

How did you wind up put with Buff

Thoughts on Buff Bagwell

Do you think it got out of hand with everyone jumping in and out of the NWO

Is it true that was personal heat between you two

Memories of the night he got injured in the ring with your brother

Thoughts on Ernest Miller

Did the constant change in management between Bischoff and Russo effect you or any of your programs in any way?

Was Sting any different this time around as compared to your previous WCW run

Are you surprised he hasnt wound up in the WWE

Thoughts on Bill Goldberg

Do you think he was being played politically by Nash and his crew

How did things change when Russo was demoted and Sullivan and Busch started booking

What were you and the boys told when they brought Eric and Vince back

What were your thoughts on the whole New Blood-Millionaires feud

Do you think DDP was overpushed because of his relationship with Eric Bischoff

Thoughts on Tank Abbott

Thoughts on Shane Douglas

What do you think killed WCW

What happened the night you lost a tooth in a match with Hugh Morris

What do you remember about the match in which Sid injured his leg

Thoughts on your series with Booker T

Do you think being booked as WCW champion in a sense you were booked to fail since there were talks of a sale to Bischoff at the time

Are you bitter about WCW dying

Would you have been part of Eric Bischoff's new WCW

How did you find out it was sold

What was your reaction as well as the other guys

What do you remember about the final Nitro

Take us through how things were ran from the moment you entered the building until after you left

Were you under the impression you would be signed

Did you have a problem dropping the belt that night and in hindsight do you think you should have refused in order to make yourself more valuable down the line

At what point did you realize you werent going to be signed right away

Are you glad you came later in hindsight since the angle bombed

Why do you think it bombed

How did you injure your foot

Jim Ross would publicly say as soon as your foot is healed you would be signed. What did you think when youd hear or read that

How did you wind up going into the WWE

How did Vince change

What were your promised going in

How healthy were you

How had things changed since the last time you were there

Initial thoughts on Triple H

Did you hurt Chris Nowinski on your first night

A lot of people felt your first match with Triple H was booked to go too long, do you agree or disagree and why do you and why was it

Were you surprised when the crowd turned on the match

Were you surprised you started getting booed after that

How did Triple H react to all of this

During the feud with Evolution were there ever any problems between you and Flair

Thoughts on matches with Chris Jericho

Was there ever any concern to pulling the plug on the HHH program early

Do you think the failure of that feud to get over resulted in your demise there

Thoughts on Batista and Randy Orton

Thoughts on JBL

How did you wind up with Test

How much freedom did you have in your promos or did the writers write everything and thoughts on that

Thoughts on matches with the Dudleys

Thoughts on the whole Test program

Thoughts on Steve Austin

Thoughts on wrestling RVD

What lead to your leaving

Did you leave on good terms

Do you regret anything about your last time there

Will you go back at any point

Jerry Jarrett wrote a book and says you jerked Jeff around when he contacted you originally about working for TNA and you werent as good a friend to Jeff as he thought. Your thoughts?

Do you think Jeff can be a successful top guy in TNA now that they are on Spike TV

What is your future

Do you think TNA has a future

Do you think you will be a part of it

Why do you think the business is in a decline?

What are you doing today?

Have you ever refused to do a job and why


Favorite and least favorite opponents

In your opinion most overrated and underrated workers

Can you still be a main draw in 2005

Future plans

Advice for young guys

Thoughts on newsletters and the internet

Best ribs you ever saw

Road stories from all areas

Are you surprised by guys like Terry Funk and Flair who have been around this long

Any talks with NWATNA

Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today in wrestling

Are you surprised that Bret Hart came back to a DVD with the WWE

Is there anyone you didn't get a chance to work with that you wished you would have

Can a good television writer write good wrestling

Can a newsletter or an internet reporter objectively critique a match

Thoughts on Steroids in wrestling

What was your favorite time in your career

What is your favorite moment in your career

What do you think is wrong with the business today

Would you like to be in the WWE Hall of Fame

Any thoughts on writing a book