RF Video Iceman King Parsons Shoot Interview DVD

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RF Video Iceman King Parsons Shoot Interview DVD

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RF Video conducted what may go down as one of the most controversial shoot interviews of all time. From death to drugs to groupies to racism, this is a shoot interview that you have to see. It would have to take one man who has seen all of the controversy and known the players to give an interview like this one. That one man is Iceman King Parsons. RF Video is thrilled to announce its newest shoot interview with the great Iceman King Parsons.

At one time, Iceman was one of the most popular wrestlers in the business. How did a young man driving a dump truck in Houston wind up on the shoulders of fans in Dallas Texas? Iceman’s journey started with a chance meeting. Iceman talks about how it all went down and how he wound up working for Paul Boesch as a rookie.

Iceman has some great stories about his early days in the business. Unlike today’s era, Iceman wasn’t smartened up right away. It took a grueling beating from one of wrestling’s veterans to smarten up Iceman. What veteran and legendary manager took liberties with Iceman and almost ran him out of the business? The story will shock and inspire you at the same time.

Iceman is very candid with the racism he faced as a young black man in the industry. Iceman talks about the problems he had early on in Portland. Iceman talks about being harassed nightly by one wrestler and the booker. How did he handle it? What mentor finally gave Iceman the courage to stand up for himself? What happened after he stood up for himself? Iceman also gives a fun retrospective of Roddy Piper from that time period.

One of the most interesting topics was Iceman’s brief run for Jim Crockett. Iceman gives a blow-by-blow account of a locker room meeting which changed the course of his career forever. What did Iceman say to the new booker in front of the entire locker room that led to his departure? Wait until you hear the angle that Iceman proposed that could have been one of the biggest ever. What legendary wrestler backed up Iceman? What was Crockett’s reaction?

Iceman also talks about the decision that changed his career forever. Iceman talks about making a deal with another territory before going to World Class. Wait until you hear about where he was supposed to go and what gimmick he was supposed to take. Even more surprising is the wrestler that told him to stay away from that area because the promoters and bookers couldn’t be trusted. Needless to say, Iceman’s career would have turned out a lot different.

Iceman recounts the excitement of going to World Class. Iceman talks about developing the Iceman Parsons character, his promos, and even who gave him the name Iceman. Iceman tells a fun story about how he head heat with Fritz on his first night. That all changed quickly. Iceman recalls his debut match and the immediate reaction from the office. What did Kerry, Fritz, and the Freebirds say when he walked back through the curtain?

Iceman is not shy in talking about all of the controversies surrounding World Class. Iceman talks openly about the Von Erich family’s issues. Iceman may upset with some people when he talks about who is really at fault for the boy’s problems. Iceman puts the blame on one person and it isn’t who you think it is. This is an intense moment, and it must be seen to be believed. Iceman also talks about the night Tommy Rogers gave Kevin CPR in the ring. You won’t believe what Fritz’s reaction was after the match.

Iceman also talks about all of the other controversies linked to the World Class area. Iceman gives his thoughts on Gino’s passing with new information. Iceman talks a lot about the late Chris Adams and his issues. Iceman also talks about Bruiser Brody’s death in Puerto Rico. Iceman gives a reason behind it that has never been revealed anywhere. Iceman also talks about the night he and Brody almost went at it. Iceman also talks about the problems with abuse and how he was able to avoid those pitfalls.

This is one interview you do not want to miss. Whether you are a fan of Iceman’s or just want to hear some great stories, this interview has it all. This is one interview that will be talked about for a long time in our offices. It is with great honor and pleasure that RF Video brings to you the newest shoot interview with Iceman King Parsons.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up

Who did you enjoy watching

How did you get into the business

What was the training like

What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had

What was the hardest thing in training

How soon did you smarten up

Memories of your first match

Did anyone mentor you early on

Memories working for Paul Boesch

Is it true you drove the ring truck

Fav matches from that time period

Did any of the vets mentor you

Do you think Paul saw something in you

Memories of the big show s

Did you make any longstanding friendships from that time

Memories of Iron Sheik from that time

Did he stretch you

How did you get into Portland

Memories of Don Owens

Is it true that his brother used to bet on shoots or matches or something like that

Any good Don Owens stories

Memories of your first matches there

How did you develop your promos

Did you encounter racism early on

Who did you ride with

Any good road stories

Memories of Roddy Piper

Memories of Buddy Rose

Memories teaming with Rocky Johnson

Do you remember his son

Memories of the Grappler

Memories of Rip Oilver

Who were your fav and least fav opponents

How did you wind up in Mid Atlantic

Thoughts on Jim Crockett

Thoughts on George Scott

Memories of Ric Flair

Was this a racist area

Memories of Paul Jones

Memories of Ivan Koloff

Who paired you up with Porkchop

Memories of Porkchop

Memories feuding with Don Kernoodle and Jim Nelson

Memories of Greg Valentine

Memories of Rick Steamboat

Who were your fav and least fav opponents down here

Good road stories

Are you surprised Jim went national

Why did you wind up leaving

How did you wind up working for Fritz

Initial impressions of Fritz

Thoughts on Gary Hart as a booker

Compare Gary to Ken Mantell

Memories of Bruiser Brody

What was it like to be a babyface during this time period

What was the partying and the groupie scene like on the road

How huge were the Von Erichs

Do you think Fritz should have went national

Have you seen the documentaries on World Class and thoughts

Thoughts on the Sportatorium

Thoughts on Kerry

Thoughts on Kevin

What was it like when you heard the news about David

People say he was the best of the bunch, do you agree

Thoughts on Mike

Were the boys drug issues as out of hand as some claim

Memories of matches with the Freebirds

Thoughts on Michael Hayes rise to power in the WWE

Thoughts on your series with Buddy Jack

Did that series put you over the top

Memories teaming with Junkyard Dog

Was it tough in a sense that you knew you could never be a top babyface here

Memories of Brian Adidas

Memories of Chris Adams

Memories of Gino Hernandez

Do you think he was murdered

Memories of Jimmy Garvin

Memories of teaming with Buck Zumhofe

Memories of Jake Roberts

You went to Mid South for a little while in 1985. Was Bill Watts trying to make you the next JYD

Thoughts on your run there

Why was it so brief

Memories of Koko Ware

Thoughts on his Hall of Fame induction

Memories of matches with Rick Rude

Memories of Abdullah the Butcher

Some guys say that Abdullah tried to keep black wrestlers out of All Japan. Any thoughts on that

Memories teaming with Andre the Giant

Any good WCCW road stories

How did you wind up working for Bill Watts UWF

Thoughts on Bill as a booker

Memories of your series with Chris Adams in UWF

Thoughts on Eddie Gilbert as a booker

Did you like wrestling as a heel

Memories of feuding with Savannah Jack

Memories of Jim Duggan

Early memories of Sting and Warrior

Memories of matches with Dibiase and Williams

How did you wind up working for the Texas All Star company

Was Fritz upset

Memories of tagging with Tiger Conway

What do you think went wrong for World Class

You went back to World Class, how did things change

Memories teaming with Buddy Roberts

Memories of the Fritz heart attack angle

Did you know Kerry only had one leg

Was it easier to get a push with the Von Erichs on their way out

Memories of teaming with Terry Taylor

Memories of matches with the Fantastics

Memories of Skandor Akbar

Memories of the Blackbirds in Memphis

Thoughts on Lawler and Jerry Jarrett

Were they fair to you

Memories of Brickhouse Brown

Memories of Undertaker from this time period

Memories of Dustin Rhodes

How did things change when both companies merged

Thoughts on Eric Embry as a booker

Memories of Action Jackson

Memories of Herb Abrams

Was it different working on the east

Memories of matches with Col Debeers

Did you ever attempt to get into WCW or WWE20in the 80s

How did you wind up in Global

Was Joe Pedicino a money mark or did you think it had a chance

Why did it fail

Memories of Mick Foley

Memories of Scott Levy

What were your thoughts on the Jerry Lynn-Lightning Kid matches at the time

Memories of Harlem Heat

Surprised at Booker Ts success

Do you think World Class was cursed

Thoughts on Chris Adams and what happened to him

Some say you took his passing very hard

Do you still keep in touch with Kevin Von Erich

Could a territory like that work today

What drove you out of the business

How much of an influence did you see in the Rock’s promos

Memories of Super Clash III

Are you surprised TNA never called since you knew Jeff from CWA

What finally led to your retirement

Thoughts and memories of Chris Adams’ Shoot Wrestling

What do you miss most

Was it hard adjusting to life after wrestling

Do you still watch wrestling

What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest

Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling

Do you want to write a book

What do you do today

Fav and least fav guys to work with

Fav ribs and road stories

Any chances of coming back