RF Video Face Off Vol. 9 The Extreme Rivalry (Tommy Dreamer Raven) DVD

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RF Video Face Off Vol. 9 The Extreme Rivalry (Tommy Dreamer Raven) DVD

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In the world of professional wrestling there has always been feuds that will be remembered forever ilke the Buzz Sawyer/Tommy Rich feud.  We had the Von Erichs/Freebirds feud in the 80's.  Hogan and Piper battled all over the country during the 80's and 90's but one of the biggest feuds ever during the 90's was with two of the most extreme athletes of all time from the land of barbed wire, Tommy Dreamer and Raven.  This was by far one of wrestling biggest and longest running feuds of all time.  These men made history for over a decade battling each other on many different continents. Now for the first time RF VIDEO was able to get these two to Face Off with each other and talk about their historic program.  What made it work and stand out and how did they get it to last so long.  All of these questions get answered during Face Off Volume 9 The Extreme Rivalry!!!!
-Who suggested the program? Memories of first conversations about it. Were there lots of late night calls or did it just come together quickly at shows? Tell us how it all came together?

-Did either of you have to be sold by Heyman on the program?

-Was it planned to go as long as it did when Raven first came to ECW?

-When did you realize there was chemistry between you two?

-Was the chemistry immediately there?

-What was the moment or angle or match where you two and heyman knew they were onto something? Do you think the fans got it when you did or did it take more time with them?

-Where there any original ideas at the very start of the program that were dropped?

-When was it decided that Dreamer would never beat Raven until the end. The first match between you two was on a house show in Jim Thorpe. Paul Heyman called for a DQ finish, but Raven said it was just a house show so he changed it to Dreamer pinning him. Did this screw things up at all? Was there any heat?

-Where did the whole summer camp backstory come from? Explain how the history between you two was developed.

-How much of the ideas came from Heyman, how much from Scotty and how much from Tommy? Did anyone else contribute to the ideas?

-Tommy, since Raven was the veteran back then how much of a lead did he take and when did you two start approaching things on even ground?

-Tommy, what are some of the major lessons you learned from Raven?

-Scotty, what did you think of Tommy when you first saw him? What kind of star potential did you think he had?

-Scotty, what were the biggest improvements that Tommy made during the feud and how did he change?

-Tommy, how did Scotty change during the feud?

-Was there ever a time you two had trouble working with each other outside the ring, like things got heated about certain ideas or the direction of the program?

-Did you guys ever have trouble working together in the ring like it got too stiff or you two did anything else to piss each other off?

-Describe why you needed so many other characters involved and what they added to the program?

-Now getting to individuals what did you think of the involvement of other wrestlers in the program like Sandman, Bruise Brothers, Brian Lee, Pit Bulls, Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie, Cactus Jack, Dudleys, Terry Funk, any others.

-Scotty, what did you think of Tommy taking all the insane bumps especially from Brian Lee chokeslams? Tommy, looking back do you regret those bumps? Do you think they added or took away from the program?

-How about the women in the feud. Who were the best and worst to work with- Beulah, Peaches, Francine, Kimona, Chastity, Luna Vachon, etc.

-What was the defining moments of the feud to you- things you will always remember?

-Memories of Generation X gauntlet match with Dreamer bleeding all over the place?
Do you think all that blood was needed?
-Memories of the nightclub brawl with lots of potato shots? What did the nightclub owners think? (I believe this was in FL)

-Memories of chairshot heard round the world?

-Did Raven going to rehab screw up any plans?

-Were there any angles that you thought would be more effective and make more of an impact and didnt? Also, any that you thought were just minor angles but really caught on and really made the feud?

-What would you both do differently in the feud?

-Explain the difficulties in keeping it going so long?

-Did you two ever get bored working each other?

-Were there any promos or vignettes either of you did for the feud that the other hated?

-Any really bad backstage arguments over direction that you can remember?

-Was there ever a time when either of you or Paul wanted to end it?

-What did you both think of the final match? Were you both happy with how it went?

-Describe putting together that final match, especially the finishing sequence?

-Are there any angles or matches that weren't done in the feud that you wanted to do and still regret weren't done?

-Was there ever anyone that was almost involved in the feud and wasn't and you wish was?

-If Raven didn't go to WCW would the feud have continued and how would you have kept it fresh?

-Was it difficult keeping Dreamer strong and not making him a loser despite never winning until the end?

-Any house show matches that stick out to you as being especially good or bad?

-What are your favorite and least favorite matches of the whole program and why?

-Looking back now, what are your thoughts about Raven returning and teaming with Dreamer to win the tag titles? Do you think that was a good move or you two should have jumped right back into the feud against each other?

-Was the magic gone when Raven returned?

-Do you think Impact Players and Steve Corino's group were strong enough heels or over enough for you guys?

-Were there any plans to run with it in WWE after ECW went out of business?

-What are your thoughts about you two working with each other now on indy shows?

-What is the legacy of this feud?