RF Video Chris Kanyon Shoot Interview 2 Disc Set DVD

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RF Video Chris Kanyon Shoot Interview 2 Disc Set DVD

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One of the most controversial professional wrestlers over the last decade has been Chris Kanyon. As one of the most recognized utility players in WCW, Kanyon is remembered as having some of the hottest matches during WCW's hottest period. Kanyon has also made headlines as of late as being one of the first openly gay wrestlers. Kanyon reveals a lot more than his sexuality in this explosive three and a half hour shot interview.

Kanyon is one of the last true road warriors in pro wrestling. Kanyon's road to success was a long, trying journey to the top. Kanyon spent years honing his craft on the east coast independent scene. Kanyon goes into great detail on what he did to make himself stand out from the rest of the independent wrestlers. Kanyon also recalls the friendships he made on the indys which would impact his career years later.

Kanyon takes us through his long road to the top recalling memories about Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW, and Memphis. Kanyon also recounts his days as a WWE enhancement talent. Kanyon reveals how he was able to make the leap from WWE enhancement talent to WCW.

Kanyon's rise in WCW was far from easy. Kanyon learned early about the political game in WCW. Did Kanyon's relationship with DDP help or hurt him? Learn about his first serious negotiation with Eric Bischoff. What are his thoughts on Bischoff? As the celebrity trainer, Kanyon worked with everyone from Dennis Rodman to Jay Leno. Which celebrity took it seriously and which one was threatened by Hulk Hogan to do it the hard way or the easy way?

Kanyon also breaks down several of his most memorable gimmicks in WCW. Hear about the pitfalls of his run as Mortis. Hear about Kanyon's gimmick with Raven and what kind of heat Raven got him. Hear about Kanyon's run in the Jersey Triad and what it was like working with some of WCW's biggest stars. Was Champagne Kanyon really Champagne Kanyone outside of the ring? Which veterans intimidated Kanyon, and which upset him? You will hear about it all in this shoot.

Kanyon is one of the few WCW wrestlers picked up by the WWE. Kanyon goes indepth on the transition and the reaction from the locker room. Which politics were worse? What was it like to work on WrestleMania? How many times has Kanyon broken down into tears in wrestling? Kanyon talks about confronting the McMahons after his release and how it all played out. Kanyon is probably one of if not the most open wrestler we have ever sat down with at RF Video.

Kanyon's legacy transcends beyond the ring. Kanyon talks about the struggles of life after wrestling. Kanyon talks openly about his depression and his own psychological problems. Kanyon talks about the struggles of being a gay wrestler. Kanyon gives us a behind the scenes look at being a part of the Howard Stern Show. Kanyon also takes us into Hollywood and what it was like coordinating stunts on several Hollywood projects.

Kanyon is so revealing that we had to give the raw video to our attorney. We want to make sure all bases are covered before we release this shoot to the public. Needless to say, there will be some upset individuals once this shoot hits the market. Order now and make sure you are one of the first to see one of the most explosive shoot interviews of all time with Chris Kanyon.

How did you get into the business

Were you a fan growing up

What was training like

Memories of your first match

What was the NY indy scene like back then

Did you have pressure from your family to give up wrestling and pursue a job following college

How influenced were you by Japanese wrestling tapes

How did you develop your style

How did you first meet Billy Kidman

Memories of teaming with him and your gimmick on the indys

How did you get into the WWF as a job guy

How were you treated by the locker room

Did you connect with anyone there or keep to yourself

Memories of Vince

Were any of the guys extra stiff with you

How did you meet Jim Mitchell

How did you wind up training with Moolah

Were you the only guy in camp

Memories of Diamond Lil

Memories of Mae Young

Memories of some of your training

Any good stories from camp

What did you learn the most from Moolah’s school

Memories training with Afa

Memories working in Memphis

Memories of Jerry Lawler

Any good road stories

What was the groupie scene like

How did you get into WCW

Was it frustrating to just be used as an enhancement guy

Did any of the vets mentor you at all

Memories of Eric Bischoff from this time period

Any good road stories

How did the Men at Work gimmick come about

Did you like it

Thoughts on Mark Starr

How come you were replaced in the team

Fav matches you had

How did you wind up leaving

Did you leave on good terms

Did you ever think of quitting the business

Memories working the early ECW

Memories of working with Paul at this time

Thoughts on how ECW exploded

Did you consider staying around there for awhile

Thoughts on Taz, Dreamer and some of the NY crew

How did you get back into WCW

Were you signed first or did they approach you with the Mortis gimmick

Thoughts on the gimmick

Do you think it could have been bigger

Did you feel boxed in to wrestle a certain style

Is it true that you influenced the character to be more like a skeleton

Memories working with Vandenburg

Memories of your series of matches with Glacier

Memories of when Bryan Clark got involved

Did you sense at anytime that the gimmick was doomed to fail

How did Bischoff change with success

Did the N.W.O guys ever try and play politics and sabotage your storyline

Memories of when Ernest Miller got involved

Thoughts on Ernest in the Wrestler

Ernest accused you of being a racist in an interview for spitting on him after a match, your thoughts

Why was the angle dropped so quickly

How did you wind up being the guy to train celebrities in WCW

Thoughts on Dennis Rodman

Thoughts on Karl Malone

Thoughts on Jay Leno

Any good stories from any of these guys

Did you get a feeling that the business was being exposed too much

Memories working on the Ready to Rumble movie

Any good stories

Did you ever talk to Jesse Ventura about the Jesse Ventura story

Memories of working with Raven in the Flock

Thoughts on Scott

Thoughts on his current lawsuit

Memories of matches with DDP

Any good Raven road stories

Thoughts on Ric Flair in WCW

Memories of working with Perry Saturn

Memories of matches with Goldberg

Who did you work with in WCW that you thought would make it that didn’t

Memories of Lex Luger

Do you think working with Raven hurt or helped you with the booking

Thoughts on Hulk Hogan

Memories of the Jersey Triad

Thoughts on Bam Bam Bigelow

Any good road stories with the Triad

Memories of matches with Saturn and Benoit

Memories of working with Sting

Memories of matches with Harlem Heat

How chaotic was Nitro backstage

Memories of the Champagne Kanyon gimmick

Was it uncomfortable to play a womanizer

Were you able to play the gimmick outside of the ring and bill expensive cars and first-class airline seats to WCW

Did it bother you that some people looked at it as a Godfather ripoff

How come the character was pulled

Thoughts on Kevin Sullivan

Fav and least fav WCW bookers

Memories of the Positively Kanyon gimmick

Do you think Dallas gets a bad rap because he was too close to Eric

Thoughts on Vince Russo

Memories of the angle with Judy Bagwell

Thoughts on Buff

Thoughts on the angle with Mean Gene

What were the politics like in WCW

How did you hear WCW was sold

Memories of the final show

Did you expect to be fired

Did you expect to be retained if Bischoff bought the company

How did you find out you’d be retained

Initial memories of meeting Vince again

What was the changeover like to the WWE

Did the WWE locker room initially resent the WCW guys

Were you ribbed early on coming into the company

Memories of your first angle with the Alliance

Were you surprised that the angle was dropped so quick

Did you expect WWE to continue running WCW as a separate brand

Memories of teaming with Dallas in the WWE

Do you think that hurt you

Memories of matches with the APA

Memories of doing angles with Stephanie and Vince

How much different were things backstage in the WWE as opposed to WCW

Memories of matches with Undertaker

Thoughts on Triple H

Memories of matches with Kurt Angle

Memories of matches with Tajiri

How did you tear your ACL

How supportive was the office during your time off

Memories of working in OVW

Did any young guys initially impress you

Memories of John Cena in OVW

Memories of injuring yourself against Lance Cade

What happened when you were out and you lost all of that weight

You wrestled on some house shows as Mortis. Was there any thought to bringing it back

Who’s idea was the Boy George skit and how did it come about

How were you released

Did you leave on amicable terms

You announced a retirement. Did you plan on staying retired

What inspired you to come out of the closet

Why didn’t you do it sooner

Is there anyone now who won’t talk to you who used to be your friend in the business

Do you think people knew you were gay and didn’t say anything

Did you ever have to pretend you were straight by hooking up with a groupie, etc

What happened when you were arrested in 2004

How did Luke get involved

How come things didn’t work out with TNA

You have said that Bret Hart told you Montreal was a work. Can you elaborate

How did you get involved with the Howard Stern Show

Memories, thoughts on doing the show

What happened with DX at the house show

Did you think that would lead to being rehired

Were you surprised Ric Flair called in when you were on Stern

What do you do today

Are you surprised or disappointed at the amount of support you have received since coming out

How do you answer critics that say your homosexuality is all part of a gimmick

Will you be writing a book

Fav road stories