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RF Video Billy Gunn Shoot Interview 2 Disc Set DVD

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This shoot interview was with none other than the man formerly known as Billy Gun or the man formerly known as Mr Ass. He was the one man who played a huge part in turning around the WWE ratings in the Monday night wars. He was a huge part in one of the most successful WWE gimmicks of all time Degeneration X. He was also a huge WWE player as one of the top dogs. He rolled with the top players and you will not beleive what he has to say about Shawn Michaels and HHH!!!!

He talks about his entire wrestling career from the very start until his most recent days in TNA. He was open about his drug use and steroid use. He was one of the funniest guys that we have sat down with because he has no ego and speaks his mind. He was apart of WWE when they were doing bad and when they were back on top. Does he think HHH married Steph out of love or for the power? What is his take on the curtain call at MSG? Why did he not like HBK and hate HHH? What about the Bret Hart and HBK real life fued, was it a work?

The Outlaw talks about being apart of the Smoking Gunns to being apart of DX with his partner Brian Armstrong. The stories from this time period are amazing. To say he does not like HHH is a understatement. This is the first time that someone actually spoke out on HHH and the political games that he plays.

From all of his major storylines and feuds this interview covers it all. We will look at all of his major wrestling matches and angles as well. This one shoot you do not want to miss. It will be up for sale later this weekend. In fact here is what the DOIwrestling.com Mic had to say as he was able to sit in on this amazing shoot interview.

Billy Gunn Verbally Destroys Triple H

Billy Gunn, who talks about every aspect of his 13 year WWF/WWE career, really lets loose when the name Triple H came out. Billy explained how Triple H stabs people in the back and gives examples on how Triple H stabbed him in the back. Gunn, who was in the company for 13 years, talks about all the politics in the WWE, and talked about the rise of Triple H in the company. Billy even suggested that Triple H married Stephanie McMahon for power and not out of love. It’s always been said by people who HAVEN’T seen Triple H weild his power backstage that Triple H is truly the GAME when it comes to politics, and Billy Gunn is the first person to come right out and call Triple H out on everything. Gunn gives examples of things that Triple H has done and how the wrestlers are scared to knock him out because they don’t want to lose their jobs. For all the Triple H haters out there, Billy Gunn confirms all the rumors and hearsay. It is safe to say that there won’t be a DX reunion anytime soon.

Also in this interview, Billy Gunn openly discussed steroids. Billy admitted to using steroids, but made it known that steroids aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Billy talks about his personal steriod use and how the WWE lifestyle forces you to use them. Billy tells stories about how he was injured and close to being paralyzed but Vince McMahon made Billy wrestle through it.

Billy Gunn was in the WWE from the early 90’s until 2004. Everything is discussed in this shoot interview. I’ll have a full detailed live review of this shoot interview later on this weekend. For people looking to know more about the WWE from the 90’s until now, the influence Triple H has, and so much more, this is one interview you don’t want to miss.

Were you a fan growing up

Did you play sports in high school

When did you start body building

How did your prior sports experiences help you in wrestling

How did you get started

What was the hardest thing about training

What was Jerry Gray (an RFVideo Fla Classics CUSTOMER!) like as a trainer

Did you watch Jerry growing up

How did you come up with the name Kip Winchester

Memories of your first match

How did you meet Bart Gunn

At what point did you guys start teaming up in IWF

Did you know right away you had something special

Did you know right away that tag team wrestling would be your forte’

At what point did you get interest from Titan

Did you get any interest from WCW

What was the initial contact like

How soon did you wind up in the WWF

Do you remember meeting Vince for the first time and initial impressions

Was there any heat on you guys for being so green, yet getting signed

How were you mentally when you first went up there, was it a negative that you were signed after only being a pro for a year

What do you remember about your debut at King of the Ring

How did the Steiners treat you guys

Who did you bond with up there from the start

Did anyone intentionally work really stiff with you guys in the beginning

Initial memories of Hulk Hogan (I think that was his last show)

Initial impressions of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels

How did you react to being managed by Sunny

Was there ever anything that went on with you two outside the ring

Were there problems with you and Candido over jealousy

Memories of your matches with the Bodydonnas

At Survivor Series 93 you worked a dark match, singles. Was that a test to see how you would fair as a singles wrestler

Memories of Lex Luger in and out of the ring

Does it bother you that Maxx Payne brought a camera on the road around this time and is now trying to sell it as a movie

Memories of getting your first tag belts, did it mean something to you or was it business

Memories of matches with the Bruise Brothers (Blu Brothers)

Memories of your match with Public Enemy

Did the locker room have it out for them

How did you react and what did you think when the WWF started bringing in ECW for those angles

Any funny stories about ribs involving the slop during your series with the Godwinns

Memories of matches with Owen and Davey

Any good rib or road stories involving those guys

How quickly did you become friendly with Brian Armstrong

Who was more the captain of calling the matches between you and Bart

Did you two ever have a problem with something one or the other did or wanted to do

How did you hurt your neck in 96 and what was the rehab like

What do you remember about the politics of the Clique during this time

Thoughts on the Clique strike (He may not have been on the road tho with his neck injury)

Thoughts on some of Shawn’s infamous temper tantrum during that time period

DO you think the Clique went too far with their ribs on some people, including crapping peoples food (Sunny)

Whos idea was it to split you guys up

Were you nervous or excited

Memories of your first mainstream singles match at Wrestlemania vs Scorpio

Was there any jealousy with Bart since you were beginning to take off

Who did you have as a mentor for advice during this time

What do you remember about the first fight between Shawn and Bret when Bret ripped Shawns hair out

Thoughts on Rockabilly

What do you think about the fact that Honkytonk Man trashes you and that gimmick quite often in interviews to this day

How did things change in the WWF when Kevin and Scott left

How did Vince change when he started losing the ratings war

How much of the rebound of the WWF do you credit to Vince, Vince Russo, Steve AUstin, and anyone else

Memories of your first matches with Brian as a team

Any good Brian stories from early on

Memories of matches with the Road Warriors

During this time it seemed your confidence came out and showed in the ring and in your television character, was that intentional or was that a result of you and Brian starting to get over

When did you know that the team was working

During 97 and 98 Vince Russo takes a lot of credit and little blame for anything. What was the craziest Vince Russo idea that was either proposed to you or you heard that never was produced

When did you realize the Steve Austin character was taking off

When Rob Van Dam refused to put Brian over during that time period how did you and the other guys react to ECW

Was there an unwritten bias to screw with ECW guys when they would come over

Memories of Brian Pillman

Were you surprised when you heard the news

Did things change among the guys and drug habits after this

What do you remember about the night Bradshaw hogtied Brian Christopher in the shower

What do you remember about Survivor Series 97

Do you think it was a work

Thoughts on Bret Hart

When did you start to become closer to Hunter and Shawn

Thoughts on Chyna

Have you seen the Surreal Life, thoughts

What did you think of those Jim Cornette promos when he was shooting on your friends

Whos idea was it to put you guys together as DX

Memories of matches with Funk and Cactus

How did life change for you from going to a mid carder to now a top guy

Memories of matches with the Nation

Did you see the star power in Rocky

Whos idea was it to do those invading WCW skits

What would you guys have done if WCW sent shooters out there and taped it

What would you guys have done if WCW let you guys in

Do you credit that with turning the ratings war around

Did you guys hear from any WCW guys during that time period

How crazy was drug use during this time and partying

Could you see Sean and Brian getting out of control

Did you ever say anything to them since they are both your friends and their habits did affect your career

Memories of matches with Ken Shamrock

Were you at the airport with Ken when he ran into the Nasty Boys? If so, what happened.

Thoughts on matches with Jeff jarrett Edge has said that you can tell when you work Jeff whether he is doin the job or not by the effort he puts in, is that accurate?

How did the locker room react when Jericho first came over and did anyone give him a hard time

Do you remember all of the guys screwing with Don Callis

At what point could you see Hunter start becoming an influence politically

At what point did Vince begin to change with success once he started winning the wars again

Do you think Vince has lost his edge without competition

Was there ever any negotiations between you and WCW at all during your WWF career

What do you remember about the night Owen passed away

Do you think the PPV should have continued

Who came up with the Mr. Ass gimmick

Did you like it

How did the locker room react when Taz came over and did anyone give him a hard time

Memories of your King of the Ring win

Were you promised a big singles push

Again, was there any jealousy on Brians end since you were getting more of a push

Do you think it was fair to release Brian and Sean

Are you surprised Brian didn’t clean up and return

Memories of the kiss my ass match with Rock

Thoughts about working with Rock and Austin

You worked Triple H after he won the title on Smackdown and most people called that a breakout match for you, was there any plan to push you two as a program

Do you think it got ridiculous with Chyna beating all the guys

Memories of your first match with Guerrero and Malenko when Guerrero broke his arm on the first night in

Memories and thoughts on working with Benoit

Is he as good as they say

At what point were you and the guys told officially that WWF was buying WCW

Do you think the invasion angle and the programs were botched

How were WCW guys treated by the core WWF crew

Thoughts on when Paul Heyman joined the team

Thoughts on Paul overall, as a creator, etc Was it hard to take him seriously after the way he screwed over a lot of his boys on the way out

How did you and Chuck wind up put together

Compare teaming with him as compared to your other partners

What was it about the team that started getting over

Thoughts on Rob Van Dam

Were you on the plane ride from hell and thoughts if so

Thoughts and memories of matches with the Dudleys

Thoughts on when the Smokinggun.com posted your mug shot and went into details about your divorce

What was Butkus Sports

What happened in 1990 in the disorderly conduct arrest

When you dropped Mr Ass and used the One and BG, whos idea was that

Do you think Tough Enough exposed the business too much

Thoughts on when Bob Holly went on there and beat up Matt Cappotelli

Who came up with the wedding angle

Did it bother you that the team was portrayed as homosexual

Thoughts on working with Hogan

Thoughts on rehabbing in OVW and Jim Cornette

Memories of your last series with Kenzo Suzuki

At what point did your problems begin to circle out of control that WWE felt the need to send you to rehab

How were you notified

What lead to your release

Were you surprised at your release

Did you see the writing on the wall for awhile, because you had begun visiting the TNA tapings a while back

Intial thoughts on TNA

Do you think Stephanie knows what she is doing

Thoughts on your match with Nash

It is reported that Brian is upset that you are making more than him, thoughts Thoughts on this recent statement by Kevin Nash in the Torch “”We’re doing rural wrestling and we’re on Fox Sports Net. We’re in the 27 largest metropolitan areas and that’s it. We should be doing urban wrestling. We’re doing rural. Dusty sits in the back of a pick-up truck with hay bails. Hey, Dusty, quick clue. A little something from me to you. Become Fat Joe, have a couple of black bi—es, and be in an Escalade. then we’ll do a number (a high rating). What the f–‘s going on? I’m 46 years old and I’m the hippest guy in the room. What the f— is that?”

Do you think TNA will be around in a year

Would you like to go back to the WWF

Do you have to work or are you financially set

Rib and road stories

Favorite guys to work and fav matches

Least fav guys to work and least fav matches

Thoughts on the Internet and Newsletters

How do you react when guys like Dave Meltzer call you a terrible worker

How would you rate yourself as worker

Thoughts on the indys

Do you think Hunter puts himself over too much at the benefit of the company

How do you think Cena and Batista will do

Do you think that Vince will have to go back to guys like yourself, Brian, Rock, etc the stars from his last big run to succeed

Thoughts on AJ Styles

Thoughts on Randy Orton

Better booker, Dusty or Jeff

Thoughts on WWE going back to USA

Will you be doing any wrestling in Japan

Who was your fav partner

What are your goals for the next year

If TNA got the Rock do you think it would make a big difference

Thoughts on the current lack of kayfabe

Do you think it is a conflict of interest Triple H being married to Stephanie

Thoughts on the whole Edge-Lita-Matt Hardy deal

Who do you enjoy watching today