Mr. Curtis Hughes Shoot Interview 2 Disc Set DVD

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Mr. Curtis Hughes Shoot Interview 2 Disc Set DVD

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Follow his rise from phenomenal high school athlete to Kansas State football standout and to the Dallas Cowboys... the "Big Cat" has the credentials that are so great that most pro wrestlers couldn't dare claim them... except Curtis Hughes' are all legit!

  • Find out how this highly recruited football star became a pro wrestler and how fellow football star "Dr. Death" Steve Williams played a part.
  • You'll be amazed at the class of future pro wrestling stars that Mr. Hughes trained with
  • What it was like to go from fan toon the roadwith one of his wrestling heroes, Harley Race
  • Becoming the "Big Cat"
  • What top promoters thought of him becoming a pro wrestler
  • How did he get his big break in the AWA, his first match there, and how much he was paid
  • You'll be surprised who talked to him about jumping to WCW and his feelings aboutthat persontoday
  • Who pitched his "bodyguard" gimmick and why the Mr. Hughes character was such a good fit with his past
  • Feuding with Lex Luger
  • Being Luger's bodyguard
  • Why he was tabbed to win the WCW World Title
  • Who kept him from winning it and why
  • His role in ECW and why he couldn't stay
  • Howhe ended up in the WWF
  • How others felt about him getting a top spot run with the Undertaker
  • Getting fired from the WWF
  • Coming back as a butler and what he really feel about that role
  • Getting fired from the WWF a second time
  • How Mr. Hughes stopped Chris Jericho and Sid Vicious from stealing his new character
  • His third run in the WWF this time as Jericho's bodyguard
  • Who is the only person to shoot on him in the ring
  • What rib happened to him on an airplane that even he still has to laugh about it's so good
  • Drugs and alcohol use
  • "It's a white man's sport..." what he feels about racism in pro wrestling... who is says isn't and who he says is may surprise many!
  • What Mr. Hughes is doing today