KC KAYFABE Gabe's Sapolsky’s Book of ROH Secrets DVD

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KC KAYFABE COMMENTARIES Gabe's Sapolsky’s Book of ROH Secrets DVD


Disc in excellent condition

In October 2008, the course of Ring of Honor history was changed when booker of over six years, Gabe Sapolsky, was relieved of his duties. What now?

We’ll tell you what! Gabe Sapolsky opens up his mind, heart, and booking binder for the first time outside of a ROH locker room.

Join Gabe in this classic KC show from 2009 as he takes us to his days working for ROH and describes his recipes for success, as well as his missteps that may have led to his firing.

Gabe then shows you week-by-week what was written for the shows following his dismissal, as well as for 2009.

See what Gabe had in store for ROH fans.