Highspots Van Hammer Shoot Interview DVD

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Highspots Van Hammer Shoot Interview DVD

Disc In Excellent Condition - has a couple of very light marks

Highspots sat down with the former WCW superstar, Van Hammer, for this nearly 2 hour interview. Here is a list of some of the questions we put to Van Hammer...

How did you first discover pro wrestling and what led to you training to wrestle?
Who came up with the Van Hammer gimmick?
How did you get hired by WCW so early in your career?
Memories of your debut against Terry Taylor on the Clash of Champions?
Thoughts on Kip Frye?
What was your opinion of the "Best Match" bonus he gave to wrestlers for big events?
Memories of Dusty Rhodes as booker?
Your feelings when Bill Watts replaced Kip Frye and were you familiar at all with Watts prior to WCW?
Watts was known as being very hard on the boys - did you ever experience that firsthand?
Were you surprised when WCW fired Watts?
Memories of the Falls Count Anywhere match against Cactus Jack in WCW?
Did you ever suspect Mick Foley would end up the huge star that he eventually became?
Thoughts on Foley's books, if you've read them.
Memories of the arm wrestling feud with Vinnie Vegas and did you ever think Kevin Nash would go on to become a star of his magnitude?
After leaving WCW, you never really popped up anywhere else on the national scene - did you attempt to get a WWF/E or ECW deal?
Why is it you haven't tried to work the indy scene?
What led to your WCW return in the late 1990s?
You were obviously familiar with Raven from his run as Scotty Flamingo in the early 1990s in WCW. How had he changed over the years?
Memories of The Flock, positive or negative?
Initial thoughts on Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara?
Memories of the Misfits in Action gimmick?
Is it true you argued against the Private Stash nickname in WCW because you wanted a higher military rank?
Do you think it was a mistake to turn Booker T into GI Bro?
Why did you pretty much opt to retire at that point?
You helped train Mark and Jay Briscoe when they were first breaking into the business - thoughts on their work and their success?
Could you see they were going to be stars when they first started training?