Highspots Shoot Interview LODI 2 Disc DVD

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Highspots Shoot Interview LODI 2 Disc DVD

Discs have some light marks in some spots

Highspots sat down with Lodi for a 3 hour shoot interview that was as open and honest as you'll find. In addition to talking about all the details of his career, we had an extensive conversation about steroid usage took up a good part of the interview. He also talked about the drug usage and crazy stories as Raven's real life assistant before and as a member of his Flock on TV. He also shared some absolutely crazy stories about his personal love life and how he was able to overcome some of these personal tragedies.

Here are some of the questions/topics we used as our outline.

How did you get started

Were you a fan growing up

Talk about your fitness background

How much different is the world of bodybuilding from wrestling

How did you get into the business

What was CW like as a trainer

Any good CW stories

Did you train with anyone else of note

Memories of your first match

How hard was it to pick up

What was the biggest misconception you had going in

Did anyone mentor you early on other than CW

Memories of Raizin Cain

Any good road stories from those days

Did you ever try to get into ECW

What brought you to the Power Plant

Who was in your training class

What was the school like

Thoughts on Buddy Lee Parker as a trainer

Memories of your first ring rat

Do you think that the WCW school should have had someone with more credibility than a Buddy Lee Parker as their head trainer

Thoughts on Pez Whatley and his passing

Thoughts on Jody Hamilton

How often did Eric Bischoff or anyone in management come to the school

Take us through the day you were told you would be called up

What do you remember about your debut on World War 3

What was it like the first time you showed up at Nitro

How did you come up with the name Lodi

How did you wind up in the Flock

Initial thoughts on Raven

Do you think Raven abused his power he had over you at all

What is the craziest thing he ever made you do

What is the best advice Raven ever gave you

How were you accepted by the other members of the Flock

Thoughts on Kidman

Memories of your match with Saturn and that angle

Thoughts on Sick Boy

Do you think that politics held the Flock back

Thoughts on Stevie Richards

How did you come up with the sign gimmick

Did it bother you that the gimmick was an obvious rip off from ECW

Did you personally hear from anyone in ECW

Did you ever try and get a sign on that was rejected for any reason

How much power did Raven have at that time in WCW

Thoughts on Goldberg

How many days a week did you train at the Power Plant

Did any other vets mentor you at all

Thoughts on Kanyon

Did it hurt the Flock that you guys were heels and so was the NWO

Can you point out anything specifically that really got over and you guys were squashed the next week to save face for the NWO

Thoughts on Hulk Hogan

What do you think of the success of Benoit, Jericho,and Guerrero post-WCW

Who came up with the idea to finally kill the Flock at Fall Brawl

Thoughts on Konnan

Thoughts on Van Hammer

Thoughts on Riggs

What were you told about your characters direction at that point