Heroes of World Class Wrestling (Von Erichs & WCCW) DVD

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Heroes of World Class Wrestling (Von Erichs & WCCW) DVD

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Heroes of World Class Wrestling DVD. This is "The Story of the Von Erichs and The Rise and Fall of World Championship Wrestling" Heroes of World Class Wrestling DVD.

1981: Legendary wrestler Fritz Von Erich, (aka Jack Adkisson) is head of a small regional promotion in Dallas. He launches a new wrestling show out of The Dallas Sportatorium based on the vision of a young filmmaker named Mickey Grant. Grant sees a way through the use of new production innovations, such as the handheld broadcast camera ringside microphones, and entrance music to revolutionize the way wrestling was shot for television. From this idea Von Erich, Grant, and media veteran Bill Mercer create World Class Championship Wrestling. With the help of matchmaker and wrestling legend Gary Hart, Von Erich casts his three oldest sons, Kevin, David, and Kerry as the "babyfaces" or heroes of the promotion.

1982: Von Erich and Hart bring in the top names in the wrestling world including The Freebirds, Gino Hernandez, The Great Kabuki and Devastation Incorporated to challenge The Von Erich Brothers - drawing sellout crowds all over Texas and expanding syndication of the WCCW television show all over the world.

1983: Ten year old Brian Harrison watches his childhood heroes The Von Erich Brothers on their syndicated television show World Class Championship Wrestling from his suburban Chicago basement. Over the next few years he watches as World Class struggles to keep the show alive while tragedy begins to play an unexpected and recurring role in the story.

2002-2004: Brian Harrison goes to Dallas on eight different occasions to begin shooting Heroes of World Class - The Story of The Von Erichs and The Rise and Fall of World Class Championship Wrestling. In the process he interviews Kevin Adkisson, the last of the Von Erich Brothers, Bill Mercer, Mickey Grant, Gary Hart, Skandar Akbar, John Mantell, Marc Lowrance and others about the story he has watched unfold for over twenty years.