Full Case Of Tales with Harley Race & Terry Funk Highspots DVD

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Full Case Of Tales with Harley Race & Terry Funk DVD

Disc in excellent condition

Ever wanted to spend the evening with two former NWA World Heavyweight Champions, drinking a case of beer and talking about their thoughts on wrestling, memories, and just some great tales that only legends could tell? Highspots did and now you can experience it yourself!

Harley Race and Terry Funk,drinking a case of beer with you along to enjoy everything they had to say.The more beer cans that were emptied, the better the stories got!It starts off with Terry Funk saying, "You wanna know why Dusty Rhodes isn't here tonight?Because he's in New York with his head up Vince McMahon's ass!" and that was before one beer had even been opened!

Imagine where he goes from there! This is one special, intimate conversation with two of the greatest world champions of all time...up close and personal.

So pull up a chair and pop the top on a cold one... hit the play button and enjoy!