CM Punk DVD “Before They Were Stars”

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CM Punk DVD “Before They Were Stars”

A collection of matches and footage from FIP ROH AND IWA MID SOUTH

The matches are awesome, and the lack of music and big lights and entrance videos just enhances feeling of good wrestling. He's got matches against guys like Justin Credible, Homicide, Jamie Noble, Daniel Bryan and more.

The two matches he has with Homicide are reason alone to get the dvd. The first one they compete for the FIP World Title, a match that leaves the ring and has them fighting outside (in the middle of a hurricane). And the other is a falls count anywhere match between the two that starts in the ring and ends in a strip club . . . yes a strip club.

For extras you get two 20-something minute matches against Daniel Bryan and Roderick Strong from ROH. And also a 40-minute highlight video of his matches in IWA (even some against the late great Eddie Guerrero and an unmasked Rey Mysterio).