Best of the 80s Volume 1 Southwest Championship Wrestling DVD

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Best of the 80s Volume 1 Southwest Championship Wrestling DVD


Disc in excellent condition

19 big matches! Over two hours of matches and extras! The best of the best when it comes to 80s wrestling. Check out Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Shawn Michaels, Abdullah the Butcher and more in their prime!

Tiger Conway Jr. vs. Ali Bey (HEMISFAIR ARENA--7/4/83)

Tug Taylor vs. Terminator (Fred Ottman) (TEXAS ALL STAR WRESTLING--6/85)

Wahoo McDaniel vs. Atsushi Onita (1981)

Shawn Michaels vs. Ken Johnson (TEXAS ALL STAR - 6/85)

Mark Lewin vs. Henry Garcia (TEXAS ALL STAR - 5/85) (LEWIN BLOODIES UP THE REFEREE!)

Mongolian Stomper vs. Frank Monte (1982)

Controntation: Dick Slater vs. Mongolian Stomper (1982)

Killer Tim Brooks & Billy the Kid vs. Tom Jones & Lone Eagle (1982)

Bobby Jaggers & Luke Williams vs. Skip Young & Bob Sweetan (HEMISFAIR ARENA--7/4/83)

The Sheepherders vs. Tony Falk & Bo Beck (1984)

Buzz Sawyer vs. Tommy Rich (REF: LOU THESZ/HEMISFAIR ARENA - 7/4/83)

The Grapplers vs. Ricky Morton & El Santo Negro (1983)

Stan Hansen vs. Tully Blanchard (HEMISFAIR ARENA -- 7/30/83)

Scott Casey vs. Larry Zbyszko (HEMISFAIR ARENA -- 7/30/83)

Mike Graham vs. Tully Blanchard (1983)

Adrian Adonis vs. Bob Sweetan (1983)


Nick Bockwinkel vs. Manny Fernandez (1981)

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Bobby Jaggers (1983)

Bruiser Brody & Dick Slater vs. Bob Sweetan & Hacksaw Duggan (HEMISFAIR ARENA--3/26/82)

Bruiser Brody vs. Buck Robley (HEMISFAIR ARENA--3/26/82)