Highspots Shoot Interview Bad News Brown 2 Disc DVD

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Highspots Shoot Interview Bad News Brown DVD

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Three hours of incredible info! He has some of the best road stories of all time and we never even heard them from anyone before. If your a fan of New Japan, you will love this as Bad News was there with all the top dogs and the behind the scene stories of Abby, Brody, Hansen, Tiger Jet Singh are all amazing. Find out how he almost got into a fist fight with Andre the Giant on a bus and why Hulk Hogan ducked thinking a gun was involved. What happened in a bar in Sapporo when Tom Prichard got so drunk he got naked and the Somoans started a bar room brawl..... Why Bob Orton left Japan after the Yakuza legit wanted to kill him.... You will hear so many classic stories from Calgary Stampede with Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy and Bret Hart. Finally after three shoot interviews with Bret Hart talking bad about Bad News, we now have the response from Bad News about Bret Hart. Bad News talks about why they never got along and its a great story.

Why did Andre the Giant take a crap on him in Mexico.... The WWE stories are a must see as Bad News has seen it all in the locker room and held nothing back.. Why him and Roddy Piper had legit heat and why his program was so short.... What happened with his meeting with Vince and how Bad News did not back down. His first hand account of the fight with Dynamite and Jacques. What happened when Randy Savage stiffed him in a match.... What happened in Florida when Bad News confronted a green Lex Luger.... The WWF stories are so amazing and there are so many first time stories on this DVD.

In the world of professional wrestling, only one man could be referred to as BAD NEWS.

Traveling around the globe, from Inoki and New Japan, the Hart Family in Stampede, south of the border to Mexico, to facing a half black body painted Roddy Piper at WrestleMania VI, Bad News Allen has seen the wrestling business like few others. Bad News Allen sat down and talked about his entire career. Allen went into stories that even have never heard. This is seriously one of the top three greatest shoots ever taken part of as Bad News had one story after another that were simply amazing to listen to. Allen traveled through the back pages of his career and went into vivid detail about everything, including how Cowboy Bob Orton was almost murdered in Japan and exposing some of the truth on two of the cult stories about the 1980s, Tom Magee'slost hope, and of course the story about Andre losing his bowels IN THE RING! That story alone, if you have never heard it, is worth the price of the DVD. Bad News lives up to his gimmick as guys like Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and Dr. D David Shultz are buried in a manner that is nothing less than shocking. You want Bret Hart, Dynamite Kid, and Davey Boy Smith stories from their development in Stampede to their rise in the WWE, you got em